Friday, May 4, 2007

Let me show you how crazy I am of Kimi Raikkonen !

craze #1
Cut And collect all the newspaper which features Kimi and put it in a folder book(refillable of course)...
I currently have about 20-30 articles of Kimi starting from 2006 till now....
It is one of my most treasured item which I keep in the most safest place... !

Craze #2
Buying every Kimi's car model I see in the shop... I try to limit myself from buying those super expensive ones and buy cheaper ones like this hot wheels grand prix here....

craze # 3
Collecting every f1 magazines because of kimi !! currently i have 15 mags...

Craze #4
I bought the Tag Heuer watch that Kimi advertise... But at a really cheap price.... I wont tell you how ... =P

Craze #5
I made a tag which I clip it on my bag...


Craze #5
I keep all my Kimi collection in a box !

Craze #6
I bought a Ferrari bag from Nici... Not cheap, man....

Craze #7
made a tribute video for him !!

Craze #8

Join his Fan Club... sigh.... I'm still waiting for the package to arrive...

Craze # 9

Everyone in my class calls me
R������ikk������nen because I talk about him every single day....

Craze # 10 and the most crazies

His name inspire me to name my doggie, well, not kimi because since my dog is a girl , so I named her.... Kimmy !!!
here's a picture of her....

and my bunny is called Datin Penny Fei Raikkonen

and..... I hope I can adopt another german sheperd and named him Ajax just like Kimi's !!! wow.... that would be nice.....


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