Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nick Heidfeld in Malaysia with cam

Nick And Robert in Malaysia I told you about... !
Here's the video I found in youtube

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Nick & Robert encounter.....

OMG !! I cant believe that i saw Nick & Kubica LIVE with my own eyes ! I'm not joking... I knew they were having a f1 demo nearby but I could'nt believe I could see them soooo near ! I was just inches away from Robert Kubica and Nick just walked past by me ! Hah !! Had my picture taken with them and autograph... Dream on.... I was so in shocked that I didn't know what to do... No camera, no pen, no paper... nada.... what do you expect me to do in such shock? I was in the hotel lobby and i just stared at Kubica till my phone rang... Luckily he didnt see me or he'll think I'm such a psyco... Later, I was so totally ready for him with my pen & papers that i waited almost 5 hours is the hotel lobby ! No sign of them... And the next morning, i woke up at 7 just to catch them but still no sight of them... Then, i gave up because the f1 demo is starting at 2pm. It's already 1pm and no way they are still in the hotel... I decided to visit the nearest shopping mall since i had no transport to the demo venue...and when i came back, i saw many BMW's... and i was "lucky" enough to see the team's VIP arriving back to the hotel... and still no sight of nick & robert... then, went i was walking back to my own room, i saw nick heifield coming out from the lift and me walking TOWARDS the lift.... i didnt relize it was him because he was wearing a cap and he had grown some mustage... when the info was send from my cornea to the brain, it was to late.... I was already in the lift going up... by the time the lift reach back down to the lobby, he was gone....
I took a quick dinner and quickly waited again in the lobby.... alomost bout 2 hours later, i was damn tired... couldn't keep my eyes open... then, suddenly out of no where, nick walked back to the hotel.. maybe he didnt walked.... He ZOOOOOMED towards the lift... it was quite far from the place i was sitting to the front door and lift cuz i didnt want to disturb the other customers... Sadly he was gone again......... ='( ... does this remind you of a race?....
and since then, i didnt see them anymore except in the news....

Moral of the story, be prepared and don't panic !! Since then, i now carry a marker pen and a coloured paper every where i go....
P/S : Based on a true story....

Kimi Raikkonen Profile

Full Name : Kimi Matias Räikkönen (pronounced /ˈki.mi ˈmɑ.ti.ɑs ˈræik.kø.nen/)
Nationality: Finland
Date of birth: October 17, 1979 - Espoo
Height : 5'9'
Weight : 69kg

People in Kimi's Life
Dad: Matti, 49
Mom: Paula
Brother: Rami; Older by 1 year 10 months; Rally driver in Finland
Wife: Jenni Maria Dahlmann (so lucky...)
Married since 31st of July 2004 to Jenni Dahlman

Teammates: Nick Heifeld(Sauber Petronas),
McLaren- David Coulthard (2002 and 2003), Juan Pablo Montoya (2005 & 2006)
Ferrari - 2007 - (Felippe Massa)

-Physio/Trainer: Mark Arnall

Sports and Hobbies

Hobbies: Snowboarding, jogging, going to the gym, MotoX, ice-hockey, skidoos, jet-ski, golf
Motorsports: Watches almost all motorsports on TV
Favorite Rally Driver: Tommi Mäkinen and Markus Gronholm
Favorite Ice Hockey Team: Espoo, Finland and NHL teams
Favorite Football Team: Finnish National Soccer Team
Best F1 Overtaking Maneuver: Mika Häkkinen overtaking M Schumacher in Spa 2000


Favorite Band: U2
Favorite Singer: Eminem
Favorite Finnish Band: Bomfunk MC

Food and Drinks

Favorite Food: Chicken, Pasta, Reindeer Meat
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Water, Apple Juice
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Vodka, Smirnoff Ice


Racesuit: Sparco Nomex, loose,full vertical velcro fastenings, no waistbelt
Raceshoes: Silver and black
Ring: Wears a silver one on his left ring finger

Charity: Donates a lot to charity especially children's charities

Williams over Ferrari
Finland over Britain
Dry over Wet
Hot over Cold
Hotel over Villa
Casual over Smart
Ron Dennis over Peter Sauber
Diamonds over Pearls
Vodka over Whisky
Photo shoot over Press Conference
Häkkinen over Rosberg
Kylie over J-Lo
Big Mac over Whopper
West over East
Malaysia over Monaco
Star Wars over Star Trek

About Kimi

a) Kimi is the 6th Finn ever to drive in F1
b) Kimi met Hanna (his ex-girlfriend) on a blind date
c) Kimi was asleep 20 minutes before his first F1 GP, but can't remember what he dreamt about
d) Kimi likes traveling across the world
e) Kimi isn't afraid to stall on the grid
f) Kimi thinks it would be cool to have Michael Schumacher as his teammate, because he could learn a lot from the world champion
g) Kimi likes to play golf just for fun
h) Kimi brought seven of his cousins, four aunts and his 75-years old granny, Sirkka, to watch the Hungarian GP 2001
i) Kimi bought a play station
j) He thinks Eau Rouge is just a corner among the others
k) He eats junk food whenever he wants to
l) Kimi says he used to ski a lot, but now he prefers snowboarding
m) Kimi thinks smoking is very dangerous

n) His favorite hobbies besides F1 are motor sports
o) On his free time he watches movies, spends some time with his friends, just relaxes and does a lot of different sports
p) Between the warm-up and GP he goes to a drivers meeting, eats and relaxes

Kimi interview

Kimi Raikkonen’s quiet confidence on track and party-friendly reputation away from the paddock makes for an interesting combination. We caught up with the Finn to find out a little more…

Q: What's in your garage at home?
A: I have all kinds of things with motors like bikes and cars... basically anything that is quick.

Q: Tell us something we don't know about you?
A: I've got two dogs, Ajax and Pepe.

Q: Your favourite song for karaoke?
A: I'm not the best singer in the world, but I do like a couple of Finnish singers and bands.

Q: What's the most unusual request you've had from a fan?
A: There have been so many weird requests that it would be better if we don't print them.

Q: Funniest thing you've read about yourself in the press?
A: There have been many. Especially things where they say I was somewhere, doing something when in reality I was at the other side of the world.

Q: When you're at home, what do you listen to when driving?
A: Mainly today's hits and Finnish music.

Q: Best part of being a Formula One driver - apart from the driving?
A: The competition.

Q: Your most prized possession?
A: My wife and my Ferrari Enzo.

Q: What would you be if you weren't a racing driver?
A: I would probably be a professional in hockey or some other sport.

Q: Person you most admire?
A: My parents.

Q: Last good deed you did?
A: Charity things in Finland.

Q: Who would you want to play you in a movie?
A: Somebody who stars in action films.

Q: Do you have any bad habits?
A: Biting my nails.
Number of GP
In the points
Pole positions
Fastest laps

A Little About Me

I'm quite a f1 fan myself... I don't even remember when was the first time i watched a f1 race because my dad is a f1 fan too himself (never missed a race before).. My mom, of course, not really a f1 fan but knows quite a bit of f1.... Everytime, I would watch f1 races with my dad & mom... But, I wasn't so crazy 'bout f1 then.... Sunday, watch TV.. That's all.. I could only remember the driver by his car colour.. Not the driver's name nor even his team name...
I couldn't care less who wins till the day I saw Michael Schumacher & Mika Hakkinen.. These was the only name I can only remember when i was 10. I never went to a circuit before 'cuz my dad always said "why do i want myself to be fried, if i can enjoy the race from a comfy couch and a cool enviroment?" ~note that I live in M'sia~ As an average earning family, we could not afford grandstand tickets, but hill stand instead...
I'm not the kind of person who loves the smell of tyres, petrol and the sound of engine... I'm more intrested in the technology & design of building an f1 and the strategies and blahblahblah....
I love cars and i like go-kart (i'm too young to get my driver's lisence) and most of all simulation racing games !!

Here my favorite teams & drivers of 2007 .....

Fav. driver : Kimi Raikkonen(so there will be more news bout him that other drivers here)
2nd Fav driver(s) : Nick Heifield & Robert Kubica
3rd Fav Driver : Lewis Hamilton

Fav team : Ferrari, of course
2nd fav team : BMW Sauber/Sauber Petronas ( i like the old name better)
3rd fav team : Honda (for now)

Enjoy this site.. Please, no arguing, no criticizing, no fighting, no foul words and etc.etc.
We are all here united because of f1, people ... peace ! please !!