Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Little About Me

I'm quite a f1 fan myself... I don't even remember when was the first time i watched a f1 race because my dad is a f1 fan too himself (never missed a race before).. My mom, of course, not really a f1 fan but knows quite a bit of f1.... Everytime, I would watch f1 races with my dad & mom... But, I wasn't so crazy 'bout f1 then.... Sunday, watch TV.. That's all.. I could only remember the driver by his car colour.. Not the driver's name nor even his team name...
I couldn't care less who wins till the day I saw Michael Schumacher & Mika Hakkinen.. These was the only name I can only remember when i was 10. I never went to a circuit before 'cuz my dad always said "why do i want myself to be fried, if i can enjoy the race from a comfy couch and a cool enviroment?" ~note that I live in M'sia~ As an average earning family, we could not afford grandstand tickets, but hill stand instead...
I'm not the kind of person who loves the smell of tyres, petrol and the sound of engine... I'm more intrested in the technology & design of building an f1 and the strategies and blahblahblah....
I love cars and i like go-kart (i'm too young to get my driver's lisence) and most of all simulation racing games !!

Here my favorite teams & drivers of 2007 .....

Fav. driver : Kimi Raikkonen(so there will be more news bout him that other drivers here)
2nd Fav driver(s) : Nick Heifield & Robert Kubica
3rd Fav Driver : Lewis Hamilton

Fav team : Ferrari, of course
2nd fav team : BMW Sauber/Sauber Petronas ( i like the old name better)
3rd fav team : Honda (for now)

Enjoy this site.. Please, no arguing, no criticizing, no fighting, no foul words and etc.etc.
We are all here united because of f1, people ... peace ! please !!

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